What does a Scrum Developer do?

What does a Scrum Developer do?

Amy Dano October 23, 2017

Certified Scrum Developers are individuals on a team (also known as the Scrum Team of Developers or even shorter, the Scrum Team) who are responsible for the development of the products and creating the project deliverables. The role focuses on understanding the requirements specified by the Scrum Product Owner, estimating tasks and creating functional products.

Scrum Developers have a range of responsibilities over a series of scrum processes, with a large portion relying on how well the Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner have defined the project requirements and User Stories. The following is a Scrum Team summary of responsibilities:

  • Understands the User Stories approved by Product Owner and creates estimates
  • Estimates identified tasks and develops task lists
  • Develops Sprint backlog and Sprint burndown chart
  • Creates deliverables
  • Identifies risks and risk mitigation options
  • Demonstrates completed deliverables to the Product Owner for approval
  • Participates in Retrospective Meetings

The role of the Scrum Team of Developers is the core of any Scrum project; this is where the projects evolve from business requirements to functional products. The personnel of the Scrum Team becomes increasingly important as it directly impacts the performance of how well the team collaborates (or alternatively, how poorly teams fail).

Who do you know in your team or organization who are highly motivated technical experts, collaborative team players, and are driven by goal-oriented results? If anyone on your team has their Degree in GSD (“Getting Stuff Done”), they would be a great asset to a Scrum Team of Developers. Talk to us to learn more about becoming a Certified Scrum Developer.