What does a Scrum Product Owner do?

What does a Scrum Product Owner do?

Amy Dano October 16, 2017

Certified Scrum Product Owners are individuals who articulate the interests of the stakeholder community (customers, users, sponsors) to the Scrum Team to ensure successful delivery of the product or project. The role focuses on ensuring the Scrum Team delivers value as per the business requirements communicated by the stakeholders.

Scrum Product Owners have a range of responsibilities over a series of scrum processes. The following is a Scrum Product Owner summary of responsibilities:

  • Define the project vision
  • Prioritizes Product Backlog items
  • Creates release planning schedule
  • Defines acceptance criteria for each User Story and approves User Stories
  • Articulates business requirements to the Scrum Team
  • Accepts/Rejects Deliverables
  • Participates in Retrospective Meetings

The role of the Scrum Product Owner is commonly misunderstood as it wears dual-hats and has the best interest for both the Scrum Team and the community of stakeholders. This can sometimes cause individuals to feel as though they don’t belong anywhere since they represent both sides of the scrum coin. With a supportive Scrum environment and strong Scrum Master leadership, the Product Owner becomes one of the most critical roles in a team and in an organization.

Who do you know in your team or organization who has the ability to handle uncertainties, can communicate and articulate requirements for the stakeholders and the Scrum Team, and is approachable and pragmatic? Talk to us to learn more about becoming a Certified Scrum Product Owner.